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Wares & Public Offerings: Digital Photography Instruction

I offer remote (online) tutoring, instructional photo tours, and occasionally workshops and seminars - all with a special emphasis on digital nature and wildlife photography. On an annual basis my photo tours normally take place between April and early October. Remote (online) tutoring can take place during almost any month, except (of course) when I'm away leading photo tours.

Here's a little more information about these educational opportunities:

1. Customized Remote (Online) Tutoring: Brought to you by public demand and multiple direct requests! I'm now offering remote (online) tutoring in a number of aspects of digital nature photography. The specific topics offered are diverse and cover virtually any aspect of nature photography - from image capture and gear advice through to image processing snd digital workflow. Topics and sessions are fully customizable to meet your individual needs.

Additional information about my online tutoring sessions can be found here: Customized Online (Remote) Tutoring.

2. Photo Tours: I offer three types of photo tours - full "Instructional" Photo Tours that include at least one day of pre-trip photography instruction, "Photo Op" style photo tours that provide keen wildlife photographers with access to hard-to-find and dramatic subject matter, and "Exploratory Photo Adventures designed for the "hard-core" who want to really get out there and are willing to get down and dirty! While the amount of direct instructional material - and the time devoted to instruction - varies between these distinct types of photo tours, all of them are great experiences for those seeking adventure, great photos, and to expand their horizons!

For much more information about my photo tours, including a detailed schedule of upcoming photo tours, please visit the Photo Tours page of this website.

3. Seminars & Workshops: My seminars and workshops are offered most commonly in the Columbia Valley of southeastern British Columbia in the towns of Golden in the north through to Cranbrook/Fernie in the south. I also offer occasional seminars in Calgary, Alberta. You will find all details of upcoming seminars and workshops right here (once seminars are formally scheduled).

Past seminar topics have included:

• Introductory Digital Nature Photography
• Introductory Digital Wildlife Photography
• Introductory Digital Bird Photography
• Digital Workflow - Soup to Beans
• Introductory Digital Image Editing
• Digital Image Editing for Nature Photographers