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High quality photography gear and accessories priced to go away! ;-)

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, the prices below are in CANADIAN DOLLARS - which is currently weak relative to the US dollar and a number of other currencies. Don't forget to use a currency converter (like to see how great these prices are in your currency!

For Sale: Hardly Used AF-S Nikkor 85mm f1.4G (F-mount) Prime Lens

• Condition: Pristine and JUST like new!

• Use: Extremely Light

• Price: $899.00 CAD plus 5% GST (new price = $1999 CAD). Currency converter to USD or other currencies HERE.

• Includes: The lens plus everything in the original box. Also includes the original box.

• No-charge Extras: Free shipping to Canadian destinations.

• Why Am I Selling It? I am transitioning over to mirrorless and I own the Nikkor 85mm f1.8S, making this lens redundant to me.

• Negotiability on Price: None.

• Availability: Immediately.

• Enquiries or to Proceed with Purchase: Contact me at