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Natural Art Images: Image Galleries - Enriched & Fortified!

We've all heard the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words". But, even if true, it's sometimes very hard to discern what was going on in a photographer's mind when he or she was capturing that moment in time. Or, what gear and technical decisions were made in capturing the image. Or, how the image was processed. To fill in these informational voids - and for both your curiosity and educational benefit - I have taken the effort to include some very detailed contextual information with each of the hundreds of images found within my galleries.

Accessing Each Image's Contextual Information: Click the "In the Field" tab below any image to reveal a little about what I was thinking or hoping to accomplish when I released the shutter (and often a whole lot more!). Select the "Behind the Camera" tab for all the essential technical information about each shot - camera information, lens used, shutter speed, ISO settings, and more. If you're curious about the steps I took while processing the image in my digital darkroom, simply select the "At the Computer" tab. And, finally, you can find out some intereseting facts and the status of the species and/or region that the image was shot in by clicking on the "Conservation" tab. The end result of my labour is an image gallery unlike any you have ever seen, for this one is both enriched and fortified!

Choosing A Gallery: To view images in a specific gallery simply select any of the options in the left-hand pictoral menu. Here's what you'll find behind each gallery door:

• The Mammals Gallery: The Mammals Gallery contains a large number of images of North American mammals and is sub-divided into the following 5 categories: Bears, Marine Mammals, Wolves & Kin, Hooves & Horns, and Other Mammals.

• The Birds Gallery: In the Birds Gallery you'll find many North American bird images. Images are found under the following categories: Songbirds, Birds of Prey, Grouse & Kin, Water Lovers, assorted species caught In Flight, and Other Birds.

• The Animalscapes Gallery: In the Animalscapes Gallery you'll find images of both birds and mammals, but the key difference is these images showcase the animal within the environment or landscapes in which they're commonly found. Often in these images the subject is relatively small within the frame. Read more about both animalscapes and enviroscapes here on my techniques page...

• The Natural Art Gallery: The Natural Art Gallery consists of images of a large variety of naturally-occuring subject matter that fall outside of the categories of mammals and birds. The common thread of the images within the Natural Art gallery is simply that I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to find and expose the art that is inherent in all of nature. The Natural Art Series contains images of Flowers, Insects (and other small invertebrates), Scenics, Animal Signs, and Extracts (where I've "extracted" an image out of a small subset of our visual environment).

• The Collections Gallery: The Collections Gallery consists of groups of images linked together by a common theme. The theme may be gear-based, such as in the Nikon Z 6II, Z 7II, or Z 9 collections. Or, the theme may be geographically based, such as in the Great Bear Collection which highlights some of the amazing scenes and wildlife found in British Columbia's spectacular Great Bear Rainforest. The Collections Gallery that will evolve dynamically over time, but not with quite as much image turnover as my Latest Additions Gallery.

• The Latest Additions: The images found within the Latest Additions section are just that - the latest additions to the website. These images may or may not find their way into the other galleries at some future time.

I truly hope you enjoy browsing the images and reading about the full story behind each image.